Refractory Application in the Walls of Glass Furnace

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 In the glass furnace, walls of the regenerators are used to limit thermal losses. The main operating factors to be considered are temperature, repeated temperature cycling, airborne particulates, volatiles and load. Fuel and glass composition must also be considered when deriving the refractory specifications.

The walls in four zones as with checkers are subjected to different conditions: 
1) Top zone: from the crown skewbacks to one meter under first row of checkers;
2) Mid zone: from the end of the top zone to 1,000°C;
3) Condensation zone: from 1,000°C to 700°C;
4) Lower zone: from 700°C to the Bottom.

The operating conditions are the same as for the crown but with minor load. Low iron basic refractories with a high periclase content and high grade mullite (95-97 percent mullite) are suitable for this area. As far as basic refractories are concerned the operating temperature must be under 1,500°C (1,460-1,480°C) to avoid creep.

Provided the target wall is exposed to the same conditions as the other top zone walls, then the refractory material will be as for the rest of the top zone. However, in the event the target wall is subject to excessive waste gas impingement then fused cast AZS block is recommended.

Checkers protect the mid zone wall. Temperature and load are lower compared to the top area, thus basic refractories with 95 per cent MgO or a good mullite are suitable for this area.

Chemical corrosion is not as strong as in the checkers because bricks are protected by the masonry and only one side is exposed to the chemical attack. Load is higher than on the overhung zones, but temperature is lower. Periclase based refractories, mullite and sillimanite bricks are suitable for this application.

Characteristics of this area are: high load, low temperature and a reduced chemical attack. Basic materials with 90-92 percent MgO, mullite, sillimanite and 44 per cent Al2O3 “super duty” are suitable for this application.

The internal separation walls are fully immersed in the high temperature environment and therefore the operating conditions are severe. They must resist loading at high temperature, and thus they must have high values of refractoriness under load and therefore high creep resistance.

Basic materials are suitable within the temperature limits indicated in the top zone (1,460-1,480°C), while different grades of mullite according to the different zones of the separation wall can be used.

Zhengzhou sunrise refractory Co., Ltd. is a refractory supplier from China, specializing in various refractories for glass furnaces, such as fused cast AZS block, magnesia bricks, silica brick and mullite bricks.

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